Thursday, January 18, 2007

Picnic at an Edu-Agro park

THE potential of educational agriculture in the tourism industry has inspired an electrical engineer to develop a 6.4ha plot in Lembah Terpesuk, Bukit Ibam, about 17km from Muadzam Shah.

Ahmad Kamal Kamaluddin, 44, has used his years of experience in construction and landscaping to develop the land for his project.

For a start, after obtaining a permit from the state, Ahmad Kamal brought in a few cows, goats, hens and ducks to rear in August, after which he planted fruit trees and herbs.

At the same time, he built small houses for his staff and chalets for visitors.

Driven by sheer determination and self-confidence, he kept developing the area to achieve his aim of turning the place into a tourist attraction.

“It is no longer a dream. Visitors can treat the site as a one-stop centre to relax and feed animals,” said Ahmad Kamal.

For students, he said the place was suitable for group study, workshops, camping and picnics.

Ahmad Kamal said he needed 200ha for the whole project.

However, under phase one, he would manage with the initial 6.4ha.

“I believe, with beautiful landscaping and tourism activity, the place will attract visitors.

Ahmad Kamal said that Bukit Ibam in the Rompin parliamentary constituency was a haven for small-scale gold mining.

“It was once a place for mining jade, iron and gold in the 1960s.

“About 2km away is Tasik Biru, a former jade mining area. Its blue waters are still a beautiful sight.

“From here, some travel to Rompin town for its beautiful beaches and udang galah (lobster).

“Apart from this, there are more than 10 Felda schemes to visit before reaching Segamat town,” he said.

Ahmad Kamal, who is the owner of Kamal Engineering and Electrical Work Sdn Bhd, set up another company, E-Keew Technology Sdn Bhd, to manage his edu-agro picnic site.

State Arts, Culture, Heritage, Women’s and Family Development and Tourism Committee chairman Datuk Maznah Mazlan opened the site recently.

In her speech, Maznah said the place had the potential for further development in agriculture and tourism with good management.

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