Monday, January 15, 2007

Include Ponggal in Calendar of Tourism Events

IPOH: Events, such as the Ponggal harvest festival celebrated by the Tamils today, can be included as part of tourism calendar under Visit Malaysia 2007.

Perak Tourism Action Council general manager Rahmad Ithnin said the more events held to show the uniqueness of a certain place, the more famous it would be-come.

“This will attract more tourists in the long run,” he told reporters after attending the 11th Ipoh Tamilar Thirunaal Ponggal competition 2007 at Kampung Kacang Putih in Buntong here.
Ponggal or Thai Ponggal, is a thanksgiving festival celebrated by Tamils to thank god and nature for a good harvest.

During the celebration at Kampung Kacang Putih yesterday, about 200 families took part in the Ponggal making competition.

For a fee of RM5, each participant receiv- ed a claypot and ingredients to make the milky dessert.

Garbed in their most colourful outfits, men and women gathered beneath sugarcane structures to boil milk while adding sugar, cashew nuts and bananas to their Ponggal dish.

Despite the smoke and heat, the atmosphere was a cheerful one, with families working together to create the best Ponggal recipe.

Exchange students Jasmin Petrick, 17, from Germany, Stijn Devooght, 19, from Belgium, and Fernando Cartenas, 18, from Peru, also participated in the event.

The group, who came to Ipoh in July on a student exchange programme, formed a Ponggal-making team of their own.

“I find the culture very interesting. This is the first time we are getting involved in something like this,” said Jasmin.

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Anonymous said...

Went to do photojournalism work on pongal festival this morning. sadly, i missed the main event i.e the boiling rice. nevertheless, took some pictures.

you can view it here -

yeah, we should include it in the tourism calendar





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