Monday, January 15, 2007

KL Monorail Ride is Not Too Scenic

THE year 2007 comes with a lot of excitement not only because it is Visit Malaysia Year, but also because the country celebrates 50 years of independence
However, the big question on everybody’s minds is whether the infrastructure and facilities in the country are adequate to meet the high number of tourists in the country.
Many cannot help but be sceptical especially after a ride on the KL Monorail, the train system that plies the centre of the city.
First of all, waiting at the platform is an ordeal as our hot and humid weather becomes more unbearable with the large number of commuters.

Though the trains arrive at short intervals, most of them are usually cramped with commuters forcing those waiting in line on the platform to wait for the next train.
Locals and tourists on the monorail are greeted with both attractive and sorry sights.
The majestic Petronas Twin Towers and other skyscrapers are there but at the same time there are also eyesores such as the many abandoned buildings along the route.

Advertising boards and tools no longer in use are discarded at empty spaces next to the track, and they have been lying there for years.
Even our national heritage – the Stadium Merdeka, the place that witnessed the glory of the proclamation of our nation’s independence, is in a sorry state.
The paintwork has faded, the iron gates are rusty and some parts of the building are covered with undergrowth. Again this is visible when you take a ride on the monorail.
While cleaning the polluted Klang River may not seem feasible, the least the authorities could do is spruce up the riverbanks littered with weeds and rubbish.
The KL Monorail service stops at only 11 stations in the city and yet it reveals so much – the beauty and the ugly truth that city folks live with every day.

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