Monday, April 02, 2007

Kuching Waterfront Purged of Social Ills

The city waterfront, a popular tourist spot, has shed its image as a notorious spot for petty crimes and social ills, thanks to the hard work of the tourist police and the plainclothes special strike force personnel who are on round-the-clock patrol there.

Officer-in-charge of Kuching Tourist Police and Special Strike Force Unit Asst Supt Johnicol Amen said petty crimes like pick pocketing had been reduced considerably since crime prevention activities were stepped up last year.

Towards public safety: ASP Johnicol (left) and Ahmad Shamsudin (centre) going on a bicycle ride along the waterfront following the gift.
“We have not received complaints related to drink offences, brawls and loitering in the waterfront area this year,” he added after receiving five bicycles worth RM2,000 from Sara Urushatta Sdn Bhd.

The bicycles, for the use of tourism policemen on their patrol rounds, were handed over by the company’s general manager Ahmad Shamsuddin.

ASP Johnicol said the nearly 1km-long waterfront was now a “white area”, and that it was crowded with tourists and families especially during weekends.

He said there were now more than 30 tourist policemen and 20 special strike force personnel on regular patrols along the waterfront and nearby areas frequented by tourists.

Source : STAR
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