Wednesday, April 11, 2007

KLIA Drill turns to real Emergency

A drill held at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport turned into a real-life emergency situation yesterday. Several people had to be rushed to the hospital for heat stroke and smoke inhalation.

The drill was organised by Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd to test the airport’s emergency services in the event of an air crash.

A total of 835 volunteers took part in the exercise.

However, halfway through the exercise, which started at 11.40am, one of the participants lost consciousness under the midday heat.

The victim, who had been "rescued" from the aircraft and was lying near the "crash site", did not respond to repeated questions from her colleague. The colleague then raised the alarm.

Rescue personnel rushed to her aid and carried her to another area.

However, there was confusion when the woman was brought to the treatment area.

A nurse started treating the woman for her fake wounds.

It was only after a journalist repeatedly told the nurse that the woman had lost consciousness that she realised what had happened.

At least four other women also fainted while participating in the exercises.

Later, at the KLIA building, Malaysia Airports (Sepang) Sdn Bhd senior general manager (operations) Datuk Azmi Murad said he was aware of only one volunteer who had lost consciousness and later taken to the hospital.

He added that a fireman and an airport worker had suffered from smoke inhalation and had been taken to the hospital.

Source : NST
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