Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sabah's Mahua Waterfall awes Visitors and Tourists

Breathtaking sight: The waterfall is located within the Crocker Range and is 17m high and 1.2m deep.
Most foreign visitors to the Mahua Waterfall, about 26km from Tambunan town, are amazed by the beauty of the natural wonder.

They describe the waterfall in superlatives, but have also suggested that the relevant authorities provide facilities like hostels and improve the road leading to the waterfall for the convenience of visitors.

“Nice display, refreshing waterfall,” wrote Jurg Meger from Germany. “Looks great,” scribbled another tourist, Marina Schmits from Holland.

C. Marston offered, “A natural wonder! Beautiful”, while D. Matz from Britain had penned, “Very nice. It will be great when there is a hostel and more trails.”

These were only some of the positive comments made by foreign tourists, which can be found in the tourist registration book at the tourist centre at Mahua Waterfall.

At 17m high and 1.2m deep, the waterfall is located within the Crocker Range Park administered by Sabah Parks under the state Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment.

It was opened to the public in June 2003 and since then the number of local and foreign visitors to the area has been increasing from year to year.

In 2006 alone, Mahua Waterfall received 5,022 visitors including 391 foreigners from several countries.

“As of February this year, the waterfall had 425 visitors including 19 from Canada, the United States, Australia, Germany, France, Britain and Norway,” park assistant Christianus Justin Anak said.

A British couple met at the waterfall suggested more publicity for the waterfall.

“I came to know about this waterfall from a map of Sabah provided by Sabah Tourism Board,” said Paul Tourle, 54, an engineer who works in Brunei Darussalam.

“It’s easy to get here. Not too far from the tourist base. It’s good for aged people like us,” he said, while his wife, Hazel described the waterfall visit as a wonderful experience.

Source : STAR
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