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Hilton's La Dolce Vita Gastronomic Fair

HILTON Kuala Lumpur executive chef Bonaventura Mansi thought long and hard about his plans in presenting a one-of-a-kind food affair at the hotel.

After toying with ideas from his colleagues, Mansi came up with the La Dolce Vita gastronomic fair.

Talented trio: (From left) Giora, Mansi and Chiarini are making this weekend a thrilling Italian affair of food.
La Dolce Vita, he explained, means “sweet life” and the Italian food fair relives a moment of the glorious post-World War II years – in the 1960s – when food, fashion and lifestyle glamorously caught on with cultured societies around the world.

This tantalising taste of Italian cuisine comes to the fore with more than just food and wine as eight food and beverage maestros arrive to present their thoughts and experiences in a series of cooking workshops, wine tutorials, chocolate making classes, as well as sessions on cheese making and the art of making coffee.

La Dolce Vita is not only a celebration of food and wine, it is a lifestyle-themed event that emphasises happy moments and enjoying life.

“The glorious 60s was a time when people celebrated life and this is the main focus of the celebration – encouraging people to enjoy life,” chef Mansi said.

The 11-day La Dolce Vita is a gourmet indulgence ending on April 29 with a feel of Italy prevalent at Senses, Sudu and The Noodle Room.

The Italian gastronomic extravagance began yesterday with the three talented Italians – chef Diego Chiarini from OSO in Singapore, Rustichella executive chef Marco Giora and chef Mansi.

The affable Chiarini is chef and partner at OSO, a fashionable Italian res-taurant of good repute down south.

Fish dish: Oven Baked Sole Filled with Broccoli and Clam and Parsley Sauce by Chiarini
He has graciously agreed to titillate the taste buds of diners with his array of specialties off the OSO me-nu.

Among the interesting dishes featured are Baby Peach Marinated in White Truf-fle Oil on Potato Puree, Oven Baked Sole Filled with Broccoli and Clam and Parsley Sauce, Smoked Ri-sotto and Steamed Prawns Coated with Celery, Orange and Tomato Salad.

His signature items are featured until tomorrow, and he is also conducting a lunch workshop to-day, followed by a six-course dinner presenting authentic Italian cuisine.

The humble and dashing chef Mansi, while overseeing the various outlets in the hotel, will step in to unveil never-before-featured specialty dishes during a lunch workshop tomorrow at Senses.

Colours of the Italian south: On this plate are the colours of the beautiful Italian south (Steamed Prawns Coated with Celery, Orange and Tomato Salad) from Chiarini.
Pasta genius Giora will be the star feature at The Noodle Poom, tossing and creating a marvellous rendition of Italian pasta in house.

His presentation is fuss free and totally Italian, like the Organic Pasta with Light Carbonara and Duck and Black Penne, Fennel, Lemon and Saffron during lunch and dinner.

Chef Giora also conducted a pasta workshop yesterday.

Giora said Rustichella was a brand known among Ita-lians for its quality and was available in 55 countries.

Today and tomorrow, Chocolate Facto-ry in Robertson Quay, Singapore chef, chocolatier and owner Laurent Bernard will hold an interactive chocolate session followed by a chocolate buffet at Cosmo Lounge.

Chef Bernard will mesmerise chocolate lovers with mouth-watering chocolate delights using Ita-lian Amedei chocolate, which is regarded to be among the best pre-mium chocolate in the world.

Wine connoisseurs will be acquainted with acclaimed winemaker Antonio M Zaccheo Sr of Italy’s leading winery Carpi-neto and presi-dent of the prestigious Grandi Vini Consortium together with Giovanni Oli-va from Bisol, producer of Pro-secco, as they share their secrets of great winemaking today and tomorrow at Vintage Bank.

The loveliness of Italian cheeses will be presented by Cristiano Cieri of Guffanti Cheese as Cieri takes guests through a medley of cheeses, from the known to the under-appreciated ones.

Coffee consultant and barista trainer Andrej Godina will be present at Caffe Cino until Sunday to luxuriate coffee drinkers with the pleasures of drinking coffee.

On Sunday, all these maestros will present their specialties at a special Italian Sunday brunch that will be paired off with an Italian wine buffet.

The hotel will also feature Cerruti 1881 and Alfa Romeo during the fair, with exciting prizes to look out for such as a Cerruti timepiece or a weekend stay at Colmar Tropicale with an Alfa Romeo to drive or win Alfa Romeo merchandise.

To win, be the highest spender in a single receipt during the Italian food promotion at any F&B outlet excluding Zeta Bar.

For reservations and enquiries, call 03-2264 2592.

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