Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jailed for pretending to be a Shangri-La Hotel Guest

When Surinder Singh Pritam Singh tried to use a guest’s room number to access the gym at a hotel, he probably had no idea who the guest was.

The hotel guest turned out to be a Taiwanese man.

Surinder Singh, 48, was caught by hotel security and handed over to the police. He then spent five months in remand.

Yesterday, he pleaded guilty to deceiving Rose Zaimah Ahmad @ Shariffudin, a staff member of Shangri-la Hotel’s fitness centre, by having her believe that he was Steven Lee Chai Lun in order to use the gym facilities last Dec 1.

Surinder Singh also admitted that he did not have his identity card with him when he was arrested that evening.

According to the facts, Lee told the hotel management that he had never allowed anyone to use his name to enter the fitness centre.

In mitigation, Surinder Singh said he was a social worker with a monthly income of RM300 to RM500 prior to his arrest.

He said he regretted his actions after spending about five months in remand and asked for a chance to turn over a new leaf.

Prosecuting officer C/Insp R. Rukumar informed the court that the accused had one previous conviction in Singapore for an immigration offence.

Surinder Singh said that it happened a long time ago.

Magistrate Aizatul Akmal Maharani sentenced him to four months’ jail for the cheating offence and a month’s jail for the identity card offence and ordered both sentences to run concurrently from the date of arrest.

That means Surinder Singh was a free man after the proceedings.

Source : STAR
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