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Sarawak's Ulu Baram lush attraction beckons

Calming effect: Seen from Merang Surang Homestay, the Loagan Bunut Lake is a picture of tranquility.
The unspoilt and mystical Loagan Bunut National Park, which boasts Sarawak’s largest natural scenic lake, has enjoyed growing popularity as an eco-tourism site.

The 10,736-hectare lush green park in Ulu Baram in northern Sarawak, offers various attractions, including night crocodile watching along the lake, and rich flora and fauna.

The park, gazetted in 1990 as one of the many national parks in Sarawak, is located between Sungai Tinjar and Sungai Teru of the Baram Basin flood plain. It is about 130km south-east of Miri.

A different holiday: Visitors trekking through jungle trails.
The 10,000-year old 650ha lake in the centre of the park, formed through tectonic upheavals, is the main attraction.

During prolonged dry spells every year, the lake dries up and turns into a vast field of cracked mud on which a huge green expanse of grassland dotted with wild flowers flourish.

It is said that the mud is so hard one can ride a motorcycle on it.

The Sarawak Forestry Corporation recently organised a trip to the park for a group of journalists.

Life is good: Sit back, have a cup of tea and marvel at the sunset across the Loagan Bunut Lake.
The corporation’s northern regional manager Abang Arabi Abang Aimran led the group.

A Sarawak Forestry brochure states that the park is home to some 506 species of plants and 92 species of birds. It is also one of the best sites for watching globally threatened bird species.

The park remains one of Sarawak’s most important freshwater habitats, supporting a substantial population of raptors, darters, herons and egrets.

Some of these birds feast on the fishes and prawns that are easily caught in the shallow lake during the dry season.

A park chalet as seen from the lake.
Lucky visitors may even see a barking deer.

There are various activities visitors to the park can take part in. They can go jungle trekking along Tapang Trail to observe the wildlife, appreciate the various species of pitcher plants and wild orchards, or go river cruising.

For accommodation, Abang Arabi said visitors could stay at the chalets or opt for a homestay programme with the Berawan community.

The park is ideal for those wishing to spend their time relaxing and enjoying the scenic beauty and sunset at Bunut Lake.

To access the Loagan Bunut National Park, drive or use the public bus from Miri, which takes about two-and-a-half hours.

Booking can be made with the park’s office by calling 085-434184 or fax 085-434179.

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