Monday, April 09, 2007

Crime on the Rise in KL may effect Tourism

Malaysian police will be made to explain a 40 percent surge in crime here this year, with fears it will undermine a drive to boost tourism.

According to, Malaysia’s Deputy Internal Security Minister Johari Baharum said he wanted an explanation for the rising rate in the first three months of the year, which coincides with the start of a campaign to attract more visitors.

Malaysia is aiming to boost tourist arrivals to 20.1 million in 2007 up from some 17.5 million last year.

The minister said crimes on the rise include bag snatch thefts, gambling and vice activities including prostitution.

According to official statistics, the number of criminal incidents jumped 45.1 percent from 2003 to 2006, with 232,620 criminal cases recorded last year.

Source : TravelWeekly
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lil'd said...

i saw it on cna, i wonder what the government have to say.




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