Saturday, March 17, 2007

Frequent Travellers Card (FTC) Eases Travel from Brunei to Miri

Come June, Malaysians and Bruneians, who frequently use the Sungai Tujuh checkpoint to cross the border between the two countries, will no longer need to have their passports stamped.

The implementation of the frequent travellers card scheme (FTC) will allow for this hassle-free entry.

The FTC scheme enables citizens of both countries to use their respective chip-embedded smart identity cards to go through immigration checks.

The Sungai Tujuh checkpoint handles about two million entries from Brunei to Miri and the rest of Sarawak every year.

It is the second busiest entry point in Sarawak after the Kuching International Airport.

The FTC facility would only be available to those who crossed the border at least five times a month, Home Ministry secretary-general Tan Sri Aseh Che Mat said after exchanging the scheme’s security cards with Brunei Home Affairs Ministry permanent secretary Datuk Paduka Idris Belaman at a hotel here yesterday.

Aseh also said the facility would be expanded to Tedungan, Sarawak/Kuala Lurah, Brunei, and Pandaruan, Sarawak/ Puni, Brunei, by June.

Source : STAR
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