Saturday, March 17, 2007

Outbound tourism needs support, too

KUWAIT CITY: Outbound tourism, where Malaysians visit other countries, needs some incentive from the Government, too, said Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association president Chay Ng.

“While the focus for every country should be the inbound market, support should also be given to the outbound sector to gain long-term benefits,” Ng said.

As more Malaysians travel aboard, they promote the country indirectly through interaction with foreigners, he added.

Currently, the only consolidated effort to promote outbound tourism is the annual Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents fair, which is private-sector driven with limited support from the Government.

He said that as more and more Malaysians travel abroad, it was only logical for the Government to give some support, for example, by subsidising advertising and promotions campaigns for outbound agents.

This in turn would allow agents to offer cost-effective packages and for airlines to offer cheaper rates, Ng said.

Source : STAR
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