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Jonker Street also Spells Food in Malacca

Tourists and locals will definitely not want to miss having a walk along Jonker Street, which is famous for its distinct Chinese’s cultural flavour.

Apart from its night market, one can savour many authentic local foods at Jonker Street as well.

Aromatic: Ng Yeow Beng dishing out fried radish cake for the people at Jonker Street.
One should start his food journey from the Taiwan fruit candy stick stall behind the stage near the main entrance to Jonker Street.

Hawker Choon Mee Fah, 60, cuts various fruits into small pieces and strings them into a stick, before dipping it into winter melon flavoured sugar water.

Next to it is the famous Hong Kong curry fish ball. Aromatic and spicy curry to go with sweet and fresh homemade fish balls, prepared by Low Chee Kok, 28.

If you are not into spicy food, then opt for glutinous rice with finely crushed peanuts, called “Mua Chi” (RM1.50 per serving).

Bok Lik Chek, 74, has been selling “Mua Chi” for the six years since the start of Jonker Street.

Going fast: Hee Song Nooi preparing a stick of “dim sum” for tourist Ivan Cheong. The “dim sum” at Jonker Street is one of the cheapest in Malacca as you can buy four “dim sum” for only RM1.50.
You will hear people shouting “four for RM1.50” as you walk ahead. Hee Song Nooi, 44, will hand you a long toothpick to select four of your favourite “dim sum”.

Steamed minced pork in delicate skin, piping hot from the steaming stove; it is definitely worth the RM1.50.

Who can forget the famous Nyonya pineapple tarts? Buy freshly made tarts straight from the oven from Goh Kiat Ka, 45, who has been in buisness for more than seven years.

Hakka dish, yam coins (RM2 per serving) is next on the menu. Ho Siew Eng, 36, will cook them for you when you place your order.

If you want to have a decent dinner meal, head to Jonker Dessert, the museum cafe.

The menu includes Nyonya Asam Laksa, Baba Laksa, Nyonya Rendang, dumplings and many more.

Do not forget to try their signature chendol that comes with superbly thick, sweet and authentic gula melaka.

Geographer Cafe is the best place to have your daily dose of beer with your friends. With live bands performing, the atmosphere at Jonker Street is marvellous.

not forget: Try out the Hakka dish, yam coins, prepared by Ho Siew Eng.
You can also order fried radish cake from Ng Yeow Beng, 34, whose stall is just right outside Geographer Cafe, to go along with that glass of chilled beer.

There is also Limau Cafe that serves beverages such as coffee, tea, milk shakes, lassi and fruit juices and snacks like sandwiches, pastas, spaghettis and toasted bread.

Near Limau Cafe, you will find Choo Tian Chai, 61, busy preparing spring rolls or pohpiahs, which is a hit among locals and tourists.

As you venture further, you will definitely get attracted to the aromatic BBQ squid stall operated by Eng Boon Ang, 55, or the Apom Balik stall where you can opt for a filling of peanuts, sweet corn or a mixture of both, with a starting price of 60 sen.

Among all Chinese traders in Jonker Street, you will definitely not miss out the food stall that sells vegetarian vadai, masala vadai and other South Indian finger foods.

After all the food, a glass of herbal tea from Tok Yoke Leong, 63, will quench your thirst and “cool” your body.

Tok also serves herbal eggs which she prepares in the late afternoon.

You should have reached the end of Jonker Street by now.

Isn't Jonker Street a one-stop location for you to savour all the best food that you want to try in Malacca?

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