Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sarawak handicraft face stiff competition from Kalimantan-made products

Nearly half of the handicraft sold here is sourced from Kalimantan, a study revealed.

State Planning Unit Industry, Tourism and Commerce Department principal assistant director Mohd Sa’aid Atoi said Sarawak handicraft faced strong competition from cheaper yet similar Kalimantan products.

He was presenting a paper on the findings of a recent Sarawak handicraft industry development study at a handicraft industry development workshop at the Sarawak Tourism Complex here.

The event was organised by Sarawak Craft Council as one of the activities for Handicraft Week.

The study was to analyse the sustainability and competitiveness of the state handicraft industry to produce a development plan to provide direction and guidelines for a more coordinated development of the industry to ensure its dynamic growth up to 2015.

Sa’aid said the study also found that local handicraft producers lacked market accessibility because they do not have links to mainstream traders.

“They lack basic raw material management and access to working capital. Handicraft production is part time and the producers work as individuals,” he added.

Source : STAR
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