Saturday, March 24, 2007

Plan to Woo Tourists to Medical Centre

Medical tourism may soon feature as an attraction here with a proposal to build a multi-million ringgit medical centre in Teluk Gadong, Klang.

An international conglomerate, comprising local and foreign investors, has purchased a 2.5-hectare site for the project, which is awaiting approval from the Klang Municipal Council (MPK).

The plan includes a 14-storey medical centre, inclusive of a five-storey car park, which will cater to affluent and foreign patients.

Among the treatments to be offered are plastic surgery, dentistry and treatment for chronic diseases.

Klang councillor Alex Thiagarasan confirmed that MPK had been mulling over details of the proposed development for two years.

"The quality of the medical treatment and services proposed by the investors has the potential to put Klang on the world map in terms of medical tourism.

"They are looking to provide services equivalent to, or better than, what is being offered by hospitals in Thailand which is known internationally for medical tourism."

When approved, the project would take up to two years to complete.

Source : NST
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