Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Discover Malaysia Documentary for Backpacker Tourists

A local film director has come up with a five-part documentary that takes tourists through off-the-beaten tracks in Malaysia that would appeal largely to backpackers.

Speaking at a press preview of the documentary, director Michael Chick said, the "touristy spots" were already well known.

"The idea is to highlight things that would appeal to backpackers and to promote places that are usually left out in promotions," he said.

He said the documentary was inspired by ideas and frustrations vented by foreigners who had seen earlier works on tourism in Malaysia.

The documentary starts with some historical details that include the origins of the first settlers many thousands of years ago, the development of the various communities, the influences of the neighbouring kingdoms of the time, together with places of interest for such history buffs.

The journey extends into jungles and over hills to look at fascinating caves and Orang Asli settlements.

“Malaysia enjoys a rich cultural diversity, with its many traditions and practices and we have attempted to capture much of this.

"The documentary shows traditional handicrafts (including traditional drums, batik and kite making) that are unique to the various states and tourists can quite easily find the "experts" that we featured to get a better look at the arts," he said, adding that major festivals, tourist destinations, nature, weddings and rituals were also included.

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