Friday, March 23, 2007

Firefly wanted in Sarawak

THE Sarawak Tourism Board is lobbying Malaysia Airlines' new budget subsidiary, Firefly, to serve the East Malaysian state in the face of continued delays and spotty service by Fly Asian Express (FAX), which was started by AirAsia to serve Sabah and Sarawak.

Firefly starts services April 2. On a roadshow to Singapore yesterday to promote Sarawak, the state's assistant minister of Tourism, Haji Hamden Ahmad, said: "Sarawak people are being inconvenienced, not just tourists, by FAX's irregular flights." He added the matter "has been taken to the highest level" of government to be resolved.

Sarawak Tourism Board CEO, Ms Gracie Geikie, said: "Access is a real issue, and we hope we can persuade FireFly to come in by this year. I have seen a written commitment by FAX to take care of tourists' accommodation and to provide new tickets for later flights should the airline be responsible for their missed connections." Formerly, tourists had to pick up the tab themselves, even it FAX's delayed flights had caused them to miss connections.

The board and Haji Hamden were promoting an EMAC (Experiential Education, Music, Adventure and Culture) programme that has been introduced by MMVC Network and the Sarawak Cultural Centre. Also, they hoped to raise awareness of the Miri International Jazz Festival in May, and the 10th Rainforest World Music Festival in July.

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