Tuesday, June 12, 2007

MAS fined for serving meat to a vegetarian

A Malaysian court has ordered national flag carrier Malaysia Airlines to pay an Indian man 20,000 ringgit (US$5,700) in damages for serving him meat after he asked for a vegetarian meal.

Arvind Sharma, 44, said he vomited after he was served chicken on a flight from Bangalore to Kuala Lumpur in March 2003, the New Straits Times said.

A magistrate in northern Penang state ruled that Sharma - a member of the Brahmin caste who claimed he had never eaten meat in his life - should be compensated for the depression, shock, mental anguish and humiliation he suffered.

The airline's negligence caused Sharma a "blemish in his code of conduct", the newspaper quoted the judge as saying.

Source : TravelMole NST

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Seal in Astral said...

Hahahahaha ....i wish i would have sue the MAS... I would have earned 3xRM20,000.00. Chicken & Fish .....was wht delivered to me.

I will look for the doc. and post it in my blog

MHN said...

Yeah!! And when u get that RM60,000 .. don't forget to spend us some MAKAN too! :)


p/s This is the NST Link

indark said...

A vegetarian cannot differentiate between meat and vegetable before put into mouth meh? Try to make quick $$ from MAS only.




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