Monday, June 04, 2007

The Japanese Anglers are coming to Malaysia

The number of Japanese anglers visiting Malaysia in 2006 has increased from the previous year. It is estimated that about 350 to 400 Japanese anglers will visit Malaysia this year to fish both inland and the seas.

This translates to RM2.5mil’s spending. Many also bring families who stay at resorts while they fish. We may have the facilities to accommodate them but improvements need to be done.

Take Kuala Rompin, one of the sailfish capitals of the world. Much has been said about improving the jetty, providing toilets etc, but so far, nothing has been done. Our competitors with fewer fish resources are doing better.

If anglers stop going to Kuala Rompin, the town will lose millions in revenue. We are talking about anglers from Europe, Australia, South Africa, India, Korea, Hong Kong and China.

Serious angling, mainly catch and release, can bring in a lot of revenue if only some minor improvements are made to facilities.

If we value our seas, rivers and tourism, we must improve to keep up with our neighbours.

Source : STAR
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