Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ghost-chased stripping Aussie has mental problems, says hotel

The Australian tourist who stripped and jumped into a monsoon drain after claiming he was "chased by a ghost" has a history of mental illness, said a spokesman of the hotel where the man stayed.

"The man's wife told us that he had been sick in the past. We sent him to the Penang Hospital and he was referred to the psychiatric ward where he is now undergoing treatment," said the spokesman on Thursday.

He also disagreed with a suggestion that the hotel in Batu Ferringhi or the room that the tourist was staying in might have been haunted.

"I have worked here for 10 years and have not seen any ghosts or heard any complaints about ghosts here. This hotel is really, really 'clean'," he said.

The 38-year-old tourist, who came to Penang a few days ago with his wife, had reportedly told her on Wednesday morning that he was being "chased by a ghost" and slapped her.

He was taken to the psychiatric ward in Perak Road but escaped. Not far from there, he removed his shirt and trousers and jumped into a 1.2m-deep monsoon drain.

The police sought the help of firemen who hauled him up after tying him to a stretcher.

The man's wife declined to speak to the press. It is learnt that the couple are scheduled to leave Penang soon.

Source : STAR
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