Monday, June 04, 2007

300 People Had to Camp Outside Melaka Watercity Resort

A trip turned disastrous for over 300 people when they were made to camp outside a hotel.

Two groups, Kuala Lumpur Selangor Nissan Motoring Club and Maybank Staff Fun Committee, had headed to the historical state for a family day outing yesterday.

To their dismay, there were no rooms available at the Melaka Watercity Resort in Bukit Katil.

They were made to wait outside the hotel for five hours.

"We made reservations in February and paid for the rooms," said Jalan Ampang Maybank branch officer Fadilah Tomijau, adding that the hotel manager refused to talk to them.
The motoring club secretary Hamzah Hamid, 25, said the members had driven for hours with their families.

"We called yesterday to confirm our bookings and had paid a deposit of RM7,000."

Resort manager Azmi Ahmad acknowledged the complaint.

"It is not as bad as it seems. It was miscommunication," he said.

He agreed that the hotel was already full when the deposits were accepted, and had asked the sales representative to liaise with the guests.

He added that the hotel offered to find other hotels for the groups.

"But the guests declined because they wanted to be placed in the same hotel and of course such big group could not be placed in one hotel at the last minute," he said.

Source : NST
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