Saturday, June 16, 2007

Maps for a price or given free in Malacca

Tourist Information Centre have a choice of either buying a RM3 city map or taking free copies provided by the Malacca government, said State Tourism, Culture and Heritage Committee chairman Datuk Abdul Rahaman Abdul Karim.

Abdul Rahaman was commenting on a letter by The Star reader Tony Teoh, published on June 11, claiming that maps were provided free at tourist spots around the world and it was not wise to charge travellers for the maps.

Variety: Tourists have the choice of buying the RM3 map (far right) printed by the private company or getting free ones printed by the state (first, second and third maps from left).
“The map sold at the information centre in Jalan Kota is a detailed map with advertisements and discount vouchers.

“We (the state) do offer free maps to tourists at the centre. The RM3 map is optional,” said Abdul Rahaman.

The “Melaka Street Map” is designed and published by the private company, 1001 Creations, and when contacted, its founder and designer Tiu Peng Chuan said the “commercial map” was sold in bookshops, hotels and popular tourist spots.

“Our map is unique compared to those published by the state. It has dozens of discount vouchers and detailed three-dimensional illustrated maps,” said Tiu, adding the state endorsed the map.

Salloy Hin, 58, from Australia, said she felt that as a traveller, it was normal to pay for a map, especially one that was detailed and informative.

“I travel quite frequently, and to get a really good map, I have to pay for it,” she said.

The Star on Thursday also published a letter from Y. Leong, who refuted Teoh’s claims that maps should be given free, claiming he and his cousin had purchased the map and found it beautifully designed and a comprehensive guide.

At a press conference recently, State Tourism, Culture and Heritage Committee deputy chairman Datuk Chua Peng Siong said the commercial map was up to date and into its 25th edition this year.

“People have a choice, and I think the savings one can get from the discount vouchers are 100 times more than the RM3 price,” said Chua, adding that the initiative to produce the map helped in promoting tourism.

Source : STAR
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