Monday, March 05, 2007

Lafite's 'Towering’ creations of an Award-Winning Chef

Cherkas: The chef de cuisine behind Lafite’s Showcase Luncheon.
GREAT food, breathtaking presentation, variety and flexibility, complemented by the most elegant ambience and attentive service.

That, of course, sums up Lafite’s Showcase Luncheon, the new, delightful lunch format introduced at the Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

A sparkling perspex tower in the centre of Lafite’s main dining room serves up a smorgasbord of appetisers and desserts galore, all creations of Lafite’s award-winning chef de cuisine, Kevin Cherkas.

This futuristic buffet offers starters like miniature Caesar salads to spoons heaped with delicious morsels of seafood garnished with delicate prawn roe.

As you delight in the appetisers, decide on your main course. Diners have a choice of main courses: pan-fried sea bass, seared lamb, grilled chicken pasta, beef tenderloin and a slow-cooked cod.

All these take 10 minutes to be ready, so diners are advised to order and then “work” their way through the buffet tower.

After the main course, dessert awaits at the showcase tower. Choose from dainty portions of lemon raspberry pannacotta, eggless chocolate mille feuille, crème brulee and a host of other delicious options.

The diner sets the pace of the meal so that lunch can be a quick, efficient affair or a laid-back leisurely repast.

Priced at RM68++ per person, the Lafite Showcase Luncheon is available from noon to 2.30pm on weekdays.

For reservations, call 03-2074 3900.

Source : STAR
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