Friday, March 16, 2007

Hi-Tea Dainties to Satisfy All at Sunway Hotel Georgetown

SUNWAY Hotel Georgetown’s Cafe Tropics has a buffet designed to suit everyone – its latest weekend Tai Kei Lai Chiak (everybody, come eat) hi-tea buffet.

Cleverly whipped up by Chef de Cuisine Seow Teik Poh, who specialises in Chinese cuisine, the items on the menu are halal. They are specially created to suit local tastes and to showcase the uniqueness of Chinese and Penang food.

“We are going with a yam cha (drink tea) concept for our hi-tea buffet. By making our dim sum and other Chinese dishes halal, everyone can come and enjoy the food,” says Sunway Hotel Georgetown communication manager Nur Hidayah Yoon.

Diners have much to expect from the cafe’s diversified line-up of Chinese, Malay and Indian dishes, salads and desserts. With a menu that changes weekly and rotates four times a month, guests can be surprised by the food served.

At the dim sum corner, there are buns and dumplings like Steamed Mini Pau, Steamed Ha Kow, Deep Fried Seafood Pearl, Pan Fried Shanghai Dum-pling, BBQ Mini Pau, Steamed Seaweed Flower and Stea-med Chai Kuih.

Scrumptious bites:Chef Seow showing his Spinach Siew Mai with chicken filling.
Not to be missed is the Stea-med Hiang Sai Dumpling – chicken meat wrap-ped in homemade dumpling skin made from wheat flour.

The Steamed Chicken Curry Pao reveals Chef Seow’s crea-tivity in blending recipes. The fillings are en-hanced by fragrant curry powder and spices that are used in Malay cooking. This unique chicken curry pao is a must-try.

Besides traditional dim sum, the specialties are T'ng Chai Chok (Hong Kong Porridge), Kuala Lumpur Chee Chong Fun and Yong Tou Fu.

The KL-style Chee Chong Fun, bathed in prawn paste, sweet paste, chili paste and sesame seeds, is served in soup and eaten with Yong Tou Fu. Mixed with all the different pastes, the soup will certainly give diners who are used to the local Chee Chong Fun a taste to remember. This dish is enjoyable and satisfying.

“We want to give our guests a chance to try something new and out-of-the-ordinary.

“The KL Chee Chong Fun gives them that. They don’t have to go all the way to KL to get a taste,” says the friendly Chef Seow.

Another of Chef Seow’s special dishes is the Kung Poh Chicken Meat, which is chicken breasts stir-fried with ginger, garlic, spring onion and dried chili. The dish is available every weekend because of its popularity.

Adding variety to the menu are Malay and Indian delicacies like Kari Ayam, Murtabak, Thosai, Mee Goreng Mamak, Vegetable Dalca and Roti Canai. Local favourites like asam laksa and rojak are also available for hawker food fans.

Other classic local favourites include Radish Cake (Chye Tau Kuih), Otak-otak and Pumpkin Cake made from blended semi-dried pumpkin, rice flour and dried shrimps.

For salad lovers, the Kerabu Chicken Feet, Pineapple Salad, Carrots with Raisin and Cu-cumber Raita are good choices.

The warm and cold desserts available are sure to please one’s sweet tooth. They have Hong Tau Sa (Red Bean Porridge), Yi Mai Fu Chok (barley with bean curd stick), Fa Sheng Wu (Peanut Butter Cream) and Nyonya Ice Cream, which is ais kacang with co-conut milk and condiments.

To go with the yam cha concept, the cafe serves Chi-nese and jasmine tea.

The food is light and suits diners who want to sit, eat and spend as much quality time as they want with family and friends during the weekend.

Cafe Tropics is a place that offers an exotic mix of local and western cuisine. On weekdays, the cafe offers an all-day dining a la carte menu with dishes from RM9.90 onwards.

The most sort after items on the menu are the Club Sandwich, Jumbo Hotdog, Mee Mamak, Hokkein Fried Noodles and Chicken Chop.

“The popularity of the food is due to the reasonable prices,” explains Sunway Hotel Georgetown food and beverage manager Ronnie Goh.

Cafe Tropics opens from 6am to 1am and operates 24 hours for room service.

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