Friday, May 11, 2007

Concorde Hotel Guests Trapped in Hotel Driveway Congestion

Concorde Hotel safety and security director Mohd Aleemin Othman said traffic in front of the hotel was getting worse by the day, especially after 7pm,.

“It has always been bad but the situation has become worse now,'' he said.

“After 7pm, it is a bumper to bumper crawl all the way up to the Crowne Plaza Hotel,’’ Mohd Aleemin said, adding that the hotel driveway was also congested with traffic.

He said he has received numerous complaints from clients and guests who were late for functions held at the hotel.

Standstill: The traffic congestion near Concorde Hotel.
“At times, our guests are trapped in the driveway for over 40 minutes because of the congestion in front of the hotel,’’ he said.

Percy Lee, who works nearby, said the congestion was caused by the traffic lights along the stretch that were not synchronised.

”At times during peak hours, the green time is only about 20 seconds while the red is 130 seconds,’’ he said.

“Each time I call the DBKL hotline to complain, the green time will be adjusted to about 50 seconds but it reverts back to 20 seconds after some time,’' he said.

Mohd Aleemin said he has made numerous complaints to DBKL and had even met up with officers from the urban transport department to discuss the problem but that no action has been taken.

“Something must be done to resolve this problem soon,’’ he said.

Source : STAR
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