Tuesday, May 29, 2007

JB Hotel & Garden Hotel were Target for Haadyai Bombing

Several locations usually frequented by security officials and Malaysian tourists were the targets in the recent explosions that rocked the suburbs of Haadyai in southern Thailand.

The JB Hotel and Garden Home Hotel that were targeted in the attack on Sunday were “designated” hotels for security officials from Malaysia and Thailand.

The Nai Nang Restaurant, where two bombs exploded in the toilets, was a popular restaurant frequented by Malaysian tourists.

Four other targets that were hit were the Siang Tueng Foundation, Tesco Lotus, Big C Superstore, and Phesat drug store.

Demolished: A Thai soldier standing guard in front of a Haadyai pharmacy that had its entrance destroyed by a bomb on Sunday. — Reuters
According to Thai police sources 13 people were injured in the incident. None of the victims were Malaysians.

Police have detained two suspects, believed to be from southern Thailand, to facilitate investigations.

However, separatists from southern Thailand denied any involvement in the bombing.

“We have asked around. It was not done by any of us. Even the RKK (Ronda Kumpulan Kecil) denied any involvement,” said a separatist leader. RKK are insurgents who operate in small groups.

Separatists claimed that those with a political agenda probably masterminded the coordinated attacks.

“We believe the bombings are linked to the Constitution Tribunal ruling on May 30. The fate of the Thai Rak Thai and Democrat parties, which face election fraud charges, will be known on that day.

“Those with a political interest want to create chaos days before the ruling,” said the separatist source.

Thai police also suspect that the attacks were politically motivated, but they had not ruled out separatist involvement.

Thai army chief Gen Sonthi Boonyaratkalin was quoted as saying that the bombers intended to create a disturbance rather than cause deaths and major damage.

Source : STAR
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