Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hong Kong Tourists are Big Spenders - RM540 mil last year

Cash-rich tourists from Hong Kong have enormous purchasing power and spend an average of RM6,000 each over a five-day period every time they visit Malaysia.

Last year, 90,000 tourists from Hong Kong visited Malaysia, bringing in about RM540mil to tourism coffers.

Their favourite destinations are Langkawi and Kota Kinabalu because these places have a variety of fascinating natural attractions and high-class accommodation, good food and excellent shopping, said Tourism Malaysia Hong Kong bureau head Zaleha Zainuddin.

“Hong Kong tourists are big spenders. They travel a lot every year and they spend a huge amount of money in places that they visit because they enjoy high-class luxury and comfort. They want top-quality services and products always. They have the money to pay for all these luxuries.

“They enjoy the good life. They love to go to spas and pamper themselves with good things,” she said in an interview.

Zaleha has been here for the past few days to visit the city and Mulu with a group of Hong Kong tour promoters and journalists.

They were invited by the Sarawak Tourism Board and Malaysia Airlines to visit northern Sarawak following last week’s launch of the Hong Kong-Miri flight services.

Zaleha said her office wants to give more publicity to states like Sarawak, which have not been given extensive exposure in Hong Kong as yet.

Hong Kong Golden Holidays company manager Kevin Law said Hong Kong folk loved seafood and exotic dishes like bird's nest.

“Hong Kong people believe that these sort of exotic food give them energy. They are very willing to spend to enjoy these nice things,” he said.

Asked on what his compatriots sought the most during their travels, he said they wanted plenty of sun, fun, comfort, relaxation and food and drinks.

Source : STAR
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