Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Malacca’s Pulau Besar littered with rubbish

Pulau Besar in Umbai which known for its flora and fauna is today littered with rubbish.

A check by the The Star revealed that rubbish strewn all over the beach had marred the beauty of Pulau Besar, which has been promoted as a tourist destination for its scenery and history as indicated by the presence of tombstones believed to be those of Muslim preachers from India who had stopped over at the island during their travels to spread Islam at one point in time .

A visitor from Kuala Lumpur, holidaying at the island with her family, said the sand at the beach was so fine and inviting, but it was sad to see it spoilt by the rubbish.

Hamidah Mahmud, 51, said if the rubbish was cleared and the beach managed properly, the beauty of the island would definitely attract more tourists.

“The relevant authorities should put up more rubbish bins and signage at strategic locations so that the public can use the facilities,” said Hamidah, adding this was her second trip to the island.

Another visitor, Zaharah Mahmud, 48, claimed that her first impression was that the island was a rubbish dump.

“This is my first time to the island and I must say I do not have a very good impression of it.

“There should be more commitment to keep the place clean by all quarters including the relevant authorities and visitors,” she said.

Source : STAR
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