Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chef whips up Thai Delights at Dorsett's Checkers Cafe

Checkers Cafe
Dorsett Regency Hotel
172 Jalan Imbi
Kuala Lumpur

Executive Sous Chef Rizal Johar is no stranger to Thai food as he was one of the kitchen staff who was involved in organising different food promotions while attached to the Sheraton Imperial Hotel.

He was there for two years before joining Dorsett Regency.

Wide range: Pastry chef Badrul Hisham Shaari at the pastry corner.
While there, he learnt to cook various dishes and Thai dishes were part of them.

Sweet delights: Thai Cendol is one of the items for dessert at the promotion.
“I first learnt to cook when young by watching my mother. I like to experiment and recipe books also helped me to a certain extent,’’ he said.

At Dorsett Regency, where he has been for six years, Rizal and his team constantly come up with new food combinations to stay ahead of the other hotels in the vicinity.

“We are the only four-star hotel in the Golden Triangle and therefore always create something innovative for both the local and foreign guests," he said.

At Checkers Café where Rizal leads more than 15 staff, every month they have a different theme for their buffet spread and during the International and Asian themes, he always try to include two or three of his favourite Thai dishes.

“When my regulars try them and say they like it, it gives me the confidence to try new dishes to be added in the buffet spread. This is how I have perfected my Thai dishes although there is a slight variation from the real stuff to suit the local palate. Even some of our foreign guests find the original Thai dishes too pungent,’’ said Rizal.

At work: Chef Emmy Erlina Kamarul Ariffin preparing a Thai mango salad.
Until the end of June, Rizal and his team will delight diners with authentic dishes from the Thai Kingdom.

The buffet spread promises only the best selection highlighting favourite Thai dishes from several menus rotated daily.

“It means that although there will be some common dishes, the main course will be different everyday to provide guests with a varied choice,’’ he said.

Rizal’s favourite dish is the green curry and for him the green curry actually tastes better with duck meat than any other meat.

Although he is an expert in cooking western cuisine, especially Italian, this is the first time Rizal and his team have attempted a full range of Thai specialties.

The highlights include Spicy Grilled Salad, Minced Chicken Salad, Tomyam Kung, Crispy Cat Fish Salad, Spicy Mango Salad, Thai Otak-Otak, Pineapple Fried Rice, Red Curry Chicken with Bamboo Shoots, Sambal Fried Rice, Beef Noodle Soup and more.

At the dessert corner, guests can choose from a selection of Thai delights like Thai Cendol, Tako, Tapioca with Syrup, Pumpkin Pudding, Red Ruby and more.

The Sawadee Thai Food Buffet promotion is priced at RM55++ per person for lunch from Monday – Friday and dinner is priced at RM65++ per person from Monday – Sunday (7pm - 10.30pm). For reservations, call 03-27151000.

Source : STAR
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