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12 cooking stations to choose from at Shang's Lemon Garden

ONE is spoilt for choice at the Lemon Garden Cafe as it offers a potpourri of flavours for all day dining.

The café has a hot, trendy interior design with the aroma of fresh food wafting through it and a visual feast of fresh greens and fruits greeting the customers.

Oriental: The Chinese corner gets all hot and steamy with a variety of soupy noodles being cooked on the spot and if you fancy dim sum or stir fried Chinese dishes, this is the corner to head to.
At this melting pot of cuisines, one can discover 12 new and redesigned live cooking stations featuring Seafood Haven, Floating Tapas Counter, Interactive Pasta Hotspot, Sweet Sanctuary and more.

The Salad Island with an abundance of greens, pickles, toppings and sauces resembles a fresh market vegetable corner, as the vegetables are fresh and crisp.

Panayotakos: Lemon Garden’s offerings are wide and varied.
Cheese boards offer up to 10 types cheeses, which can be eaten on their own or with crackers.

Local fruits for the popular local rojak dish also have a spot at the Salad Island.

At the Interactive Pasta Hotspot, customers get to decide what ingredients they want in the pasta.

Chef de cuisine Taki Panayotakos said diners had a choice of tomato, cream, pesto and aglio olio to pair with a selection of pastas, laid out in cute glass tumblers.

Just tell the chef you prefer marinara or bolognaise and he will whip it up in no time.

Chef Panayotakos said the house Spaghetti Carbonara, and Marinara were popular with customers.

Not far from the Salad Island and pasta corner is the picture-perfect Floating Tapas Counter filled with little appetisers to whet your appetite.

These appetisers in cute little plates offer a taste so that you can move on to bigger servings at the Western section.

The Western corner offers customers lamb, chicken and fish dishes, with vegetables, soups and potatoes to indulge in.

The Carving Station is another favourite spot that offers a rotation of Salmon Fillet with Hazelnut and Sundried Tomato Crust, Roasted Lamb, Roasted Ribeye, Roasted Duck, and Roasted Chicken.

For something a little closer to home, the local section beckons not too far away with a medley of favourites including Satay, Fish Curry, Chicken Curry, Dhal, Shawarma and Tandoori (king prawns, chicken, fish, lamb, cod fish tikka).

Neptune’s offering: Seafood Tier at the Seafood Haven corner.
The Chinese corner gets all hot and steamy with a variety of soupy noodles cooked on the spot and if you fancy dim sum or stir-fried Chinese dishes, this is the corner to head to.

Sushi is speedily replenished at the Seafood Haven area with the Seafood Tier looking pretty delicious with fresh prawns (king and river prawns) handsomely decked nearby a row of freshly shucked oysters, clams and mussels.

The Sweet Sanctuary has four counters to tempt dessert lovers.

Yummy: Take your pick of fruit sticks and dip them into the chocolate fountain.
The first counter has white and dark chocolate fountains, chocolate pizzas and new style soufflé (spuma).

The second counter offers ice cream in innovative servings as they can be shaved, scooped, flavoured or shaped with a bit of teppanyaki zest thrown into it.

For more, the vertical dessert treats in drawers are fun to choose from as are the desserts placed on mounted spoons.

Lemon Garden is all about discovering cuisines as a variety of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Japanese, Italian, Mediterranean, Thai and Western dishes are laid out to assault your senses.

  • LEMON GARDEN CAFE, Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur, 11, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. (Tel: 03-2032 2388). Business hours: 6am to 1am, daily.

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