Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Malacca assures the cleanest, brightest and most beautiful state

The cleanest, brightest and most beautiful state. This is what visitors will see when they visit Malacca, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam promised.

“This is what we can guarantee to people who come here – the beauty and cleanliness,” he said when opening the Malacca Tourism Festival at the Central Market here on Saturday.

He quipped that state government authorities, including the mayor, the state secretary and village and security development committee members were “not sleeping at night” to ensure this was possible.

In his almost 45-minute speech to “sell” Malacca to domestic and foreign tourists, he said the state offered the best food.

“Our chefs have been trained to cook better meals than what you will get at home,” he said.

He cited among them the asam pedas in front of the clock tower in Malacca city, ikan bakar in Umbai, the state’s famous Portuguese devil curry and Nyonya delicacies and fish head curry in Bukit Katil.

“The Hainanese chicken rice shop at Jonker Walk makes more than RM20,000 in sales every weekend,” he added.

Besides the state’s culinary delights, Mohd Ali said Malacca was a shopping haven where the malls sell not only items available in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore but also things not available there.

“If you do not believe me, ask my wife,” he said, gesturing to Datin Seri Asmah Abdul Rahman.

He added that there was a need to ensure information on the latest tourism products was available to the public.

Mohd Ali also expressed hope that the state could be made the first spot in the itinerary of tourists who arrive at KL International Airport.

Source : STAR
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