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Honeymooning in a Hut - Adeline Rest House

INSTEAD of celebrating their wedding night at an established hotel, newlyweds John Kelly Sexton and Kuo Mui Lin opted to spend their day in a kampung-style bamboo hut in Gopeng, near Ipoh.

The hut was part of the 2ha nature resort, called Adeline’s Rest House, owned by Mui Lin’s older sister Adeline.

The rest house has been gaining popularity among foreign tourists who like to rough it out in the wild and experience nature activities like trekking, white-water rafting and abseiling.

Despite staying in hut without air-conditioning and an attached toilet, the newlyweds were a picture of happiness when they arrived at their ‘bridal chamber’ recently.

Romance in the air:John and Kuo are a perfect match at Adeline's Rest House.
The high-spirited groom lifted his new bride in his arms and carried her this way and that during the photo-graphy session as she could not climb the wooden planks leading to the chamber in her high heels.

“I slept so soundly on the wedding eve. I actually woke up late this morning for the wedding,” said John after a traditional Chinese tea ceremony and the exchange of ang pows.

John, an English teacher from New Zealand who turns 31 on Jan 28, said he planned the wedding at the rest house because he loved the natural surroundings.

His wife, a 31-year-old nurse in Kuala Lumpur, added that her family home was also in nearby Lawan Kuda.

“We have stayed here a few times before and even spent a few nights here before my sister had even completed setting up the place,” said Mui Lin.

She added that although there was no air-conditioning, the air gets very cool at night.

“We don’t feel hot at all staying here. It is a very beautiful and pleasant place,” said John.

John’s parents Malcolm, 68, and Vivienne, 62, who had flown in from their home in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, also stayed at the resort for a week.

“We love this place. I recommend it to everyone,” said Vivienne.

She added that she and Malcolm had even gone swimming in the resort’s ‘natural spa’ one night.

Source : STAR
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