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SEGi hospitality diploma tailored to industry needs

INNOVATIVE diplomas in hotel and tourism management at SEGi College allow those interested in the hospitality industry to acquire a wide variety of skills.

The unique thing about the programme is the career exploratory programme (CEP) initiative. Under CEP, students are sent out to partner hotels, restaurants and tour agencies in the penultimate semester for practical attachments and training.

SEGi's Faculty of Hotel & Tourism Management programme co-ordinator Chandra Elilen says the programme reflects SEGi College's commitment to providing outstanding courses in hotel management and tourism.

"While doing CEP students will earn a salary."

Human resources and manpower play an important role in the hotel management industry, which is one of the world's biggest sectors.

It also offers a range of varied and changing employment opportunities and provides an excellent basis for work in other industries.

"Hotel management is a great choice for those seeking a job right after they finish their studies," says Elilen.

The Diploma in Hotel Management covers accommodation to management, marketing to food and beverage.

SEGi College offers exclusive opportunities for students to train in an environment that reflects the standard of places in which they will eventually work.

Elilen says the college had invested heavily in providing state-of-the-art facilities such as a bar, hotel rooms, a training restaurant and many others. The equipment used are of industry standard to ensure that students are thoroughly prepared and are career ready when they graduate.

The diploma emphasises a broad-based and provides hands-on skills with industryattachments and internships.

"We offer one of the most complete hotel management diplomas to our students. This is to ensure our graduates are of high quality and are competent."

SEGi College's Diploma in Hotel Management is recognised by the National Accreditation Board and the Higher Education Ministry.

"Students who enrol in our Diploma in Hotel Management can apply for the PTPTN loan. Besides, we offer a flexible payment scheme. Bank loans are also available."

A high-achiever scholarship fund for top scorers and underprivileged students is also available.

Students who achieve 10As and above will be eligible for a full scholarship.

Partial scholarships will also be granted to those who score eight and nine As in their SPM.

A rebate of RM500 for each A scored in the SPM is another financial incentive.

The diploma is endorsed and recognised by leading players in the industry, such as Summit Hotel, Hilton Hotel, PJ Grand Continental, Crowne Plaza, D'Borneo Hotel and the Ministry of Tourism Selangor.

"We welcome students from SEGi College who are placed in Summit Hotel. We are thrilled with our the collaboration," says Ron Singh, general manager of Summit Hotel, one of SEGi's partners.

SEGi College Malaysia's new flagship campus at Kota Damansara is in the final stages of completion and will be operational soon.

The campus has a capacity of 12,000 students and will redefine the meaning of SEGi's complete learning experience.

SEGi College's open day is on March 24.

For enquires, call Subang Jaya (03-86001888), Kuala Lumpur (03-20702078), Penang (04-2628127), and Sarawak (082-252566), email or log on to

Source : NST
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