Saturday, February 24, 2007

Focus Shifts from Arrivals to Tourist Spending

KUALA LUMPUR: Tourist spending increased by 13.5% last year, proving that government efforts to draw in tourism are on the right track, said Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor.

He said the ministry had set its focus on promoting tourist spending rather than on tourist arrivals.

Speaking on the matter, the minister expressed disappointment that the target of RM37.5bil for 2006 in tourist spending was not achieved, which was the reason for the change in strategy.

“Our target of 17.5 million tourist arrivals last year was met, although we can’t say the same for tourist spending. We cannot rate the industry's success based on arrivals simply because many do not stay here long enough. There is definitely a need to change this.

“This year, we have set our sights on achieving RM44.5bil in tourist spending,” he said, adding that the ministry had taken numerous measures involving promotions and events to ensure Visit Malaysia 2007 was a success.

New book: PR Consultant Sdn Bhd account executive Sharizatul Nazira Salehuddin showing the book 'Halal Food: Kuala Lumpur' yesterday.
Tengku Adnan, who earlier officiated the second edition of Halal Food: Kuala Lumpur – A Guide to Good Eating here yesterday, acknowledged that food was a living testament of the country's fusion of cultures.

He added that the publication of the guide by KasehDia Sdn Bhd was timely as it supported the Government's effort to make the country a global hub for the production and trade in halal goods and services.

“This was stipulated in the Third Industrial Master Plan launched last year.

“Muslim tourists, particularly those from West Asia, are a discerning lot and this guide allows them to have access to more sophisticated halal dining,” he said, adding that this would indirectly encourage tourists to extend their stay.

Tengku Adnan also urged others to come forward with such guides in promoting the country, adding that they need not only promote halal food.

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Anonymous said...

Increasing per tourist spending is not an easy thing. If you look at Malaysian numbers, if not for new Middle East arrivals, we would have fallen far short. Middle East arrivals are a new thing and not sure its sustainable. Given the boom in tourism projects in the Middle East and elsewhere, it may not be.

My guess is that tourism receipt will fall far short again although tourist numbers will hit it especially if Asia Asia and other LCC is given the opportunity to expand as much as possible.




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