Friday, February 23, 2007

Traders Hotel's Ambience brings on an Ethereal Feel

WHEN internationally acclaimed architecture firm The Cox Group Pty Ltd teamed up with the regionally renowned BC&A interior consultants led by Brian Chan, the result was Traders Hotel.

Traders is a contemporary hotel that combines an incredible location with attractive prices.

The partnership created a cohesive design that is refreshingly stylish and new.

This can be seen throughout the hotel, especially in the food and beverage outlets, Gobo Chit-Chat on Level 5, Gobo Upstairs on Level 6 and the Sky Bar on Level 33.

Comfy space: Plush carpets in certain areas exude warmth and a feeling of welcome.
Gobo Chit-Chat features an all-day dining concept enhanced by the Gobo Dance Drama displaying visual animations as a central theme.

The Sky Bar, meanwhile offers a chill-out space with a skyscape of Kuala Lumpur in the background.

My personal favourite, however, is Gobo Upstairs that has modish touches delivered with flair and subtlety.

The expansive space is nothing less than dramatic and demonstrates great equilibrium in space design.

Guests can choose to take the elevator straight to the restaurant from the hotel lobby, but the more interesting route takes one past a dramatic, sculptured artefact representing a tree that fills the void between Gobo Chit-Chat and Gobo Upstairs.

Stylish: Linear, geometric patterns and polished floors add to the ambience.
The most noticeable feature of the restaurant is its expanse of height and space.

Unlike some other double volume spaces where the furniture is dwarfed and the sense of a void apparent, the space at Gobo Upstairs has been unified and bound into a unique identity by the designers.

Cleverly designed columns clad in geometric patterns of monochromatic hues with tinted mirror glass finish help control the play of light, making it dance across the surfaces.

This play of light helps make the surfaces seem to come alive and also has the effect of binding the void space together.

The space is further divided into three areas - a Bar Lounge, Display Cooking area and the Dining Area.

Up close: The Display Cooking area allows diners to watch the chefs at work.
The exterior glass wall embraces all three areas, giving a breathtaking vista of the outdoors and further extending the interior space visually.

To offset the wide open spaces, calming monochrome, neutral earth tones are used as a colour palette to accentuate the intermix of polished and organic material finishes.

The geometric touches to the restaurant extend to the furnishings and fittings as well.

The linear, symmetrical lines blend well with the polished surfaces while plush carpets add an elegant touch.

Concealed lighting and the clever use of mirrors project an image of infinity and help exude an ethereal ambience to the outlet.

Although I haven't sampled the enticing menu, I'd definitely return, if only for the ambience.

Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur City Centre (Tel: 03-2332 9888).

Traders Hotel Website -

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