Wednesday, February 14, 2007

1,000 Hotel Jobs on Offer but Few Takers

KUALA TERENGGANU: There are about 1,000 job offers in hotels and resorts all over Terengganu but few takers.

The problem, according to Terengganu’s Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH), is that the locals think the hospitality industry offers low-paying and dead-end jobs.

Terengganu MAH vice-president Rudi W. Herrmann said it was a false perception.
"While the basic monthly pay for downliners such as waiters, waitresses and bellboys starts at RM250, their take home pay is at least RM700 with tips, gratuities and service charge points. They can move up with proper training and courses," he said.

Herrmann said hotels and resorts offered employment opportunities in other sectors such as management, finance, engineering, information technology, recreation and arts.

"In this case, salaries for hotel executives are comparable to other industries, if not better," he said.

To address the situation, Terengganu MAH has embarked on awareness programmes to change the wrong perception about hotel employment.

The state government is also gearing up to welcome 3.5 million tourists for Visit Terengganu Year 2008.

State Industrial Development and Tourism Committee chairman Datuk Mohammed Awang Tera said 10 new hotels — eight in Kuala Terengganu and one each in Hulu Terengganu

Source : NST
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