Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Heritage Trails new tourist attraction in Kuching

KUCHING: The Kuching Heritage Trails, which feature prominently the Brooke legacy, is a new tourist attraction to this city.

The trails, which comprise two routes, highlight 25 historical buildings that best capture the charm of the Brooke era.

The Brookes, who ruled Sarawak for 100 years (1841 to 1941), were responsible for most of the early archietectural and urban development of the state capital.

The landmarks built during the Brooke's reign include the old Courthouse, which has been renamed Sarawak Tourism Complex, Fort Margherita, the Square and the Pavilion.

A booklet helps visitors in a self guided tour along the trails, each of whiich takes about two hours of leisure exploration.

Both routes start at the old Courthouse which was the government adminstrative centre of the Brooke era.

Route one covers the eastern part of the old city while Route two covers the west end of the city.

An exhibition on the Kuching Heritage Trails opens on March 1 at the Sarawak Tourism Complex.

The weeklong show will features photographs and the backgrounds of the historical buildings that could be found along the trails.

Source : STAR
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