Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Don’t put up Roadblocks in front of KLIA

KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Tourism Minister Datuk Donald Lim appealed to the police yesterday not to put roadblocks along the exit road of the KL International Airport (KLIA) as it would hold up traffic and make visitors to Malaysia feel unwelcome.

“I know the police are doing their job but surely there must be an alternative location for such a roadblock and not directly in front of the KLIA,” said Lim, who added that he received telephone calls from irked people.

A newly-arrived passenger on the Malaysia Airlines flight from Dubai called up Bernama yesterday to complain that a police roadblock near the KLIA was holding up traffic with long queues of cars, especially taxis, trying to make their way out.

“We will raise this matter of setting up roadblocks outside the KLIA with the police headquarters,” he said.

“Visitors arriving at the airport already have to queue for immigration clearance, then wait for their luggage and after waiting for some time for their taxis, they have to face another hurdle, the police roadblock,” said Lim.

Source : STAR
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