Tuesday, February 13, 2007

American Teen wakes to find man fondling him in Penang Hotel

PENANG: A teenage American lifeguard had a shock when he woke up to find a man fondling his private parts in a budget hotel on Chulia Street here.

The 18-year-old was drunk when he approached the man, in his 40s, to ask for directions to his hotel, and was invited to stay over in the man's room at about 1am on Sunday.

The teenager accepted the man’s invitation upon being told that his hotel was quite far away. The latter then led him into his room where they spent the night.

At about 9am, the victim woke up to find the man’s hand down his boxer shorts. The latter threatened to tell the police that the victim was the one who broke into his room.

He ignored the man’s threat and went to a nearby police station to make a report. The suspect was arrested three hours later at the hotel where he was working as a receptionist.

CCTV footage showing the suspect leading the victim, who works as a lifeguard in Phuket, Thailand, by the hand into his room had been handed over to the police.

A police spokesman said a remand order to detain the suspect for seven days was obtained yesterday, and that the case had been classified as an act of gross indecency under Section 377D of the Penal Code.

Source : STAR
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