Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Safety of Tourists a Priority

KEEPING tourists visiting Perak during Visit Malaysia 2007 safe and sound is one of the priorities of state police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Aziz Bulat.

He said the Government has invested a lot of money to attract visitors to Malaysia this year.

“The campaign will benefit the country’s economy. Hence, we will do our part to make sure this goal is realised,” he said at the first police monthly gathering held at the state police headquarters in Ipoh recently.

DCP Aziz said he had already issued directives to all the state OCPDs to step up patrols in their districts.

“In Perak, we do not have any specific unit to work as tourist policemen. But this does not mean that we will not be able to protect the tourists,” he said.

If need be, DCP Aziz said mobile police units would be set up at tourist destinations like in Pangkor Island.

“Other than that, rank and file policemen will double up as tourist policemen,” he said.

DCP Aziz added that policemen would be sent to courses to improve their command of English and communication skills.

“As policemen, we need to converse well with foreigners in case they need our assistance,” he said.

On the crime rate in Perak, DCP Aziz said he was satisfied.

“There was a slight increase in the crime rate but most of the increase involved petty property crime.

“Most importantly, I am pleased that the number of snatch thefts has dropped,” he said.

He said there were 821 snatch theft cases in 2005 compared with 659 cases last year, indicating a drop of 162 cases or 19.73%.

However, he added that the records showed the state’s index crime rate had increased by 10.9% from 12,043 cases in 2005 to 13,358 cases in 2006.

Source : STAR
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