Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Kelantan Woos Tourists with Wayang Kulit

KOTA BARU: Fancy catching a performance of wayang kulit while doing a spot of shopping? Or how about being entertained by an energetic dikir barat performance while enjoying a drink with friends?

In an effort to promote tourism and showcase Kelantan’s rich cultural heritage, several types of traditional performing arts are being brought to the streets, shopping centres and other popular public places.

The performances include wayang kulit, rebana ubi, rebana kercik and dikir barat.
The state’s Tourism Information Centre (TIC) has been organising such shows since the middle of the year and they are expected to be even more prominent during Visit Malaysia Year 2007.

TIC director Mohd Arif Mohd Nor said the shows represent a major shift in policy.

"Previously, such performances were held at the Cultural Centre here or by request during seminars and conferences at major hotels in the state.

"However, since this year, we have been having such shows at several public places during peak periods, such as during the school holidays, to give visitors a glimpse into our culture."

The initiative, Arif said, had been warmly received by local and foreign visitors.

"Some visitors complain that certain venues, especially for wayang kulit, are not suitable, but this does not perturb us.

"Our main aim is to get them interested in the arts. They can then visit the Cultural Centre to watch the performances in a more conducive environment."

The Cultural Centre organises weekly performances of wayang kulit, dikir barat, dances and rebana ubi besides demonstration of traditional sports such as top spinning and flying the wau.

Arif hoped that shopping complexes and major hotels would follow up on TIC’s efforts and organise their own shows as it was running short of funds.

"With Visit Malaysia Year around the corner, the performances will definitely enhance Kelantan’s reputation as the cradle of Malay culture.

"We hope major corporations can sponsor some of the performances."

The move has also received the support of the Kelantan Tourism Association (KTA).

Vice-president Mustafa Ibrahim said it was good to put up shows in public places as it would create awareness of the local culture.

"We hope TIC can get additional funds from the state government or work with sponsors to hold the shows on a more regular basis, maybe even weekly."

Source : NST

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