Thursday, December 14, 2006

MAS Pricing Policy

Airline pricing is very sophisticated and therefore, it is incorrect to conduct pricing survey on a simplistic and random basis.

Like all other international network carriers, Malaysia Airlines has many fare types categorised under various Reservations Booking Designators (RBDs). Essentially, RBDs are set up and made available through the various Global Distribution Systems (GDS) accessed by all travel agents. These different RBD fare offers come with different rules and restrictions.

On an average, Malaysia Airlines has 18 fare categories with different levels and conditions, taking into consideration about 60 different points of sales where each point of sale has different price, 7 days a week with the possibility of a different price each day and 3 seasons a year namely low, shoulder and peak periods determining applicable seasonal fares.

VMY 2007 is an important initiative for the country and as the national carrier, Malaysia Airlines is fully committed to complement the efforts of Tourism Malaysia and all other agencies to ensure the success of this year-long event.

Malaysia Airlines is working closely with Tourism Malaysia on an ongoing RM17.2 million joint advertising campaign to promote the event overseas. This includes Tourism Malaysia's sales missions, mega FAM trips by foreign travel trade and media representatives to Malaysia, participation in consumer promotions, fairs and exhibitions, amongst others.

The national carrier is marketing creative packages such as the Discover Malaysia Pass, where foreign tourists can visit 5 Malaysian destinations of their choice for an airfare of US$199 only. There is also the Golden Holidays Medical Package supporting the government's efforts to promote medical tourism in the country where packages include a medical check-up, accommodation with daily breakfast and airport transfers for prices ranging from as low as US$300 to US$1029.

Malaysia Airlines is also leveraging on its excellent partnership with appointed travel agents and tour operators in its international network by offering them attractive tour basing fares to promote customized inbound group tours and packages for the forthcoming VMY 2007.

The national carrier recently clinched a deal with the largest Swedish tour operator to bring tourists into Malaysia from the Scandinavian region and is in the process of concluding similar arrangements in other countries.

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Source : Tourism Malaysia
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