Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Virgin Beach in Morib

New breath of life for mangrove swamp

NOT wanting to let a mangrove swamp near the once-popular Morib Beach go to waste, the Selangor Government decided four years ago to turn it into a popular tourist attraction.

It was not mere lip service as today the kilometre-long Pantai Kelanang has been opened to the public.

The state, through the Kuala Langat District Council, spent more than RM22mil to reclaim the swamp and turn it into a major seafront for holidaymakers.

In doing so, it was careful not to tamper with the natural surroundings as best as it could while it was being developed.

The bulk of the RM22mil was spent on improving the facilities at Pantai
Kelanang.The state government is confident that the virgin beach in Kampung
Kelanang, about 5km from Morib, would become even more attractive than Morib was once.

Morib assemblyman Hasiman Sidom said Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo had given clear directives that the mangrove trees should be left untouched.

“He had said that the true identity of the beach is to be retained,'' said Hasiman.

“Dr Khir is of the opinion that the presence of the mangrove trees would also make the beach more attractive to visitors, especially foreigners,'' he said, adding that it was a way of promoting mangrove forests to locals and foreign tourists.

“It's a matter of time before the new beach becomes popular,'' said Hasiman.

The bulk of the RM22mil was spent to provide the right infrastructure, in particular on facilities along the road leading to the beach.

Some RM2mil was given out as a loan to the Kuala Langat District Council for the building of car parks, campsites, gazebos, a hawker centre, public toilet facilities and prayer rooms.
Hasiman said more was in store for the area.

“We'll be working with developers to build chalets, or even a hotel.''

Morib, according to Hasiman, will serve as venue for beach volleyball, soccer and other traditional sports.

Source : STAR

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