Sunday, December 17, 2006

PAS-style dance clubs

KOTA BARU: Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat has given his blessings to an Islamic form of dance clubs to serve as entertainment outlets here.
He said, however, no liquor would be served and there must be a segregation of the male and female patrons.

There must also be proper attire for women such as clothes that do not reveal the navel, Nik Abdul Aziz told reporters here yesterday.

His remarks came after state local government committee chairman Takiyuddin Hassan said the state government could consider applications for entertainment outlets under the proposed tourism zone in Kuala Besar, near the Pantai Cahaya Bulan stretch.

The zone will have tourism attractions like a state-of-the-art cultural centre, a marina, local cuisine speciality restaurants, handicrafts and souvenir outlets.

He saida discotheque or nightclub would not be allowed since it was against the spirit of its entertainment laws.

Nik Abdul Aziz said he was not opposed to dancing but that couples should not do it and most importantly, that the women's navel was covered.

He said that entertainment was allowed in Islam but with certain conditions so that it did not lead to social ills, he said.

He added that Muslim women must be covered from head to toe except for their face and hands while Muslim men must be decently dressed when in public.

State PAS Youth head Salahuddin Ayub said the party was trying to demonstrate a healthy form of entertainment in the Islamic context.

He said PAS leaders should not give up on their quest despite criticisms from certain quarters and attempts by Umno to politicise it.

Salahuddin said the wing will also meet with foreign tourists to find out what kind of entertainment activities they like in the country.

He said this was important for the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 and the Visit Kelantan 2008 campaigns.

Source : STAR
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