Friday, December 08, 2006

World’s Longest Forest Canopy Walk

TOURISM in Tasik Kenyir will get a boost in the form of a forest canopy walk in the vicinity of Sungai Ketiar, a river located off the new Kuala Berang-Gua Musang highway.

The canopy walk is designed to be longer than the 400-metre canopy walk at the National Park in Kuala Tahan, Pahang, which is the longest in the world now.

It will cost RM5 million to develop the new attraction and the project will start next year. It will be completed before the launch of Visit Terengganu Year in 2008.

State Industrial Development and Tourism Committee chairman Datuk Mohamed Awang Tera said the Central Terengganu Development Authority (Ketengah) would oversee the development of the project.

"We are satisfied with Ketengah’s efforts to promote tourism at the lake," he said, when winding up debate on the state 2007 Budget.

"In fact, the executive committee has decided to extend Ketengah’s jurisdiction to include part of Marang, Setiu and Besut."

Mohamed also said that Pulau Bidong would be gazetted as a recreational island.

"It will not become another Pulau Redang. We will promote day trips to the island. There will be no development as we want to maintain the marine biodiversity."

On the slowdown in investments in the industrial sector, Mohamed said the government could not depend entirely on oil- and gas-related investments, and had decided to diversify its promotions to include agriculture and mineral resources such as granite and silica.

On the setting up of Terengganu Incorporated, he said it was a holding company and would be responsible for all the business activities of government-linked companies.

"The purpose is to co-ordinate and streamline the operations of all the companies.

"Prior to this, all GLCs were left to their own devices and some made poor investment decisions."

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how long will that be..if more than 925 meters,then it will consider as world's longest..log on to for more info..




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