Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Eye on Hotels over Hiring of Apprentices

THE Human Resources Ministry is monitoring a number of hotels for abusing their apprenticeship programmes by employing foreign workers at low salaries for several months.

“The ministry is looking into how widespread the practice is and its implications on opportunities for local employees,” Minister Datuk Seri Dr Fong Chan Onn told the Dewan Negara yesterday.
Under the programme, the hotels must take students from educational institutions to be trained in certain fields, he said in reply to Senator Tajul Urus Mat Zain.

However, foreign students were also given flexibility to work in certain sectors including at hotels, he added.

Dr Fong said the ministry had implemented several measures to reduce the hotel sector’s dependency on foreign workers, including identifying positions that must be filled by locals.
He said his ministry would enhance the accessibility of unemployed people to information on job opportunities in the hotel sector besides assisting the operators in recruiting local employees.

He also said most foreign workers served as maids and cleaners and did not deal directly with hotel guests. – Bernama

Source : STAR
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