Monday, December 18, 2006

No proper rest areas at LCCT

NIGHT after night the same sad scene plays itself out – people lying asleep on the floor, chairs, and even trolleys.

However, the location is not a disaster relief centre, but the waiting area of the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) in Sepang, according to a Kosmo! report.

A check by the tabloid at 3am recently revealed that many travellers had to put up with much discomfort to catch 40 winks while waiting for their flights.

Benches and chairs that should seat five were monopolised by a single person lying stretched out.

An even sorrier sight were those sleeping on the cold marble floor.

There were even some who had made the fast-food outlets at the terminal temporary waiting areas, falling asleep at the dining tables out of sheer exhaustion or boredom, while others had chosen to take a nap in the corridors outside the waiting hall to escape the freezing air-conditioning inside.

Siti Fadhila Noordin, who was on her way to Kota Baru, said it was an eyesore to have people lying everywhere, more so when the country would be seeing even more tourists in view of Visit Malaysia Year 2007.

The 32-year-old said she had to wait for 10 hours at the terminal as her flight from Sarawak arrived at the LCCT at 9.30pm and would only leave for Kota Baru at 7.40am the following morning.

“It is very exhausting, and I have to wait so long without proper resting facilities.

“The management should think of preparing more comfortable chairs for those in transit,” she said.

Source : STAR
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