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Discover Malaysia with Trippin’

Trippin’ in Anticipation


If you are keen on discovering more about Malaysia, tune in to 8TV’s latest travel and adventure series Trippin’. The show features some of the country’s best-kept secrets, adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities and lessons on people and culture.

8TV Quickie personality Rina Omar hosts the 13-episode show that is aired on Sundays at 10pm. Inspired by the success of the channel’s Mandarin travel adventure show, Step Forward, Trippin’ gives viewers a fresh perspective on outdoor activities as well as Malaysian culture and arts.

According to Rina, the programme focuses on new travel destinations and adventures beyond the commercial tourist spots.

“Whether it is riding 15-foot waves on a surfboard in Terengganu, skydiving at 3,000 feet in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, river bathing with elephants, picking up a dying cultural art form like the wayang kulit, Mak Yong or staying with the orang asli, these are out of the norm experiences that most Malaysians would not consider.

Clockwise from left: Trippin’producer Ahmad Iskandar Kadir, Keith Achuthan, editor Aaron Tan and host Rina Omar.

“There have been many travelogues on Malaysia, but 8TV wanted to produce a show with a difference.

“It was amazing to learn so much about the country and to discover that there are so many friendly and helpful people out there. Some of the best stories are from the people who talk about their experiences and lives,” said Rina after the launch of the programme at KL Tower recently.

“I never dreamed that I’d be able to go skydiving, swimming or even rock climbing. But in this show, I was given the opportunity to do all these things.

“The cool thing is just about anyone can do the things that I’ve done. I used to have so many phobias but now, I managed to overcome most of them,” said the 28-year-old Rina.

The candid style of the show enables viewers to feel that they are right next to Rina as she experiences each adventure. In each episode, she has celebrities such as Fly Guy, Phat Fabes and Jaclyn Victor taking part as well.

“Not only do viewers get to see their favourite artistes in their element, they also get to see their honest human side as they take on these activities for the first time.”

Victor followed Rina on a rock climbing stint in Batu Caves, Selangor. Though her first attempt, the singer said it was exciting and challenging. “Even though I was initially scared, I managed to overcome my fears. After my first tryout, I am looking forward to more rock climbing.”

8TV brand management group general manager Airin Zainul said: “Trippin’ is a travel and adventure series that looks beyond tourist spots and opens our eyes to what the country has to offer. It’s an educational documentary that caters for adventurers and those whose interest lies in nature.”

Trippin’ is aired every Sundays at 10pm on 8TV.

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