Thursday, August 23, 2007

Proposed new Ipoh airport a boon to Perak’s tourism

THE proposed airport in Ipoh can be a boon to Perak’s tourism as the existing airport is under-utilised.

Locals as well as tourists and investors need hassle-free and convenient travelling in and out of Perak.

Having the airport in the Seri Iskandar area can be a catalyst for tourism growth for the surrounding areas.

It’s undeniable that Ipoh/Perak doesn't lack scenic destinations that can be promoted extensively (Pangkor, Lumut, Gua Tempurung, to name a few), so why is a new airport a waste?

As for high-rise buildings in Ipoh, I do not see why they shouldn’t be built in Ipoh.

New projects like the Ipoh Tower and Ipoh Tourism Hub beautify the skyline of Ipoh.

High-rise buildings don’t cause Ipoh’s old charm and its natural beauty to fade.

I think the new airport will not become a white elephant if there is proper planning and ambitious plans to turn Ipoh/Perak into a tourist-bound area.

A new airport as well as other infrastructure such as the Ipoh-Penang and Rawang-Ipoh double-tracking railway can bring tremendous growth as well as opportunities for many job-searching youths.

Source : STAR
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Anonymous said...

Yes, I fully agree!
Besides, Perak has the population comparable to Johor. It is critical for us to be internationally available (to have a international airport that can at least serve Boeing 747).
Perak already left behind in development as compared to Selangor, Penang and Johor, though we have good infrastructures, i.e. port (Lumut port) and road. and cheaper labour cost.
Ironically, my retired ancle got good cash in a part-time job to fetch foreign investors and engineers from KLIA directly to Lumut port. It is very inconvenient for the investors.




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