Friday, August 17, 2007

Federal Hotel turns 50 with nation

THIS month, Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur will be celebrating its 50th anniversary together with our country, and recently launched a special logo to commemorate this special occasion.

“The logo was specially designed to symbolise the double joyous celebrations this year,” said Federal Hotels International (FHI) regional sales and business development director Ooi Lee Ping.

“The gold on the number 50 signifies one golden celebration, with the Federal Hotel building and its revolving restaurant next to it,” Ooi said, adding that the five petals on the hibiscus on the logo was a tribute to Malaysia’s five prime ministers.

New look: Mirza (left) launching the new Federal Hotels International 50th anniversary logo as Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur general manager Lee Lian Terk and Ooi look on.
The Federal Hotel is the country’s first international-standard hotel and opened just three days before independence was declared.

It played host to foreign dignitaries and guests who were invited for the celebrations at Stadium Merdeka.

“This hotel was seen as more than just a hotel as it has served the nation and now it is also part of our history,” said Tourism Malaysia director-general Datuk Mirza Mohammad Taiyab, who launched the logo.

Earlier this month, FHI together with Malaysia Airlines and LSG Sky Chefs, launched the Merdeka Inflight Dining Experience featuring six dishes from the cookbook Favourite Dishes from Tunku’s Kitchen.

These dishes will be served by the airline until September on selected routes.

To commemorate its golden jubilee, the hotel has planned a series of events, including the monthly Malaysian food promotions featuring food from the different states in Malaysia, the Merdeka Inflight Dining Experience,

The Federal KL Merdeka Taxi campaign, We Care Gotong Royong Bukit Bintang campaign as well as the 1957 album project with StarMetro.

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